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Sarah Tryon

Punch and Allo talk to Sarah Tryon about her experience working in a stereotypically superficial profession & get real about what its like to be a Canadian in America today. She's a badass ballerina with lots of opinions & never fear, she is most definitely informed. In this episode, you will hear all about the ins and outs of living as a performer during a pandemic, as well as living as an immigrant during a pandemic. You will also learn, most importantly, which Hogwarts house Punch, Allo, and Sarah reign from... They talk about politics, they talk about religion, they talk about Don Juan's quirky habits ALL THE THINGS you want from Punch and Allo 'sode. Hold tight lovers, this ep is packed full with all the goods.

Links From the 'Sode:

Sarah's Instagram: @misstryon

Oracle Cards: Spirit Animal Guides by Collette Baron Reid

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