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AKA: Paige & Alison

Just two girls from New York now living in Colorado ...who wanted a place where they could speak freely without judgment and include people on that journey and make an impact on somebody’s life. They believe that If they can reach even one person with each episode, it's worth every effort.


 "It makes us stronger, more tolerant and provides a place to grow. We want to help people in a way that is non-threatening, that is creative, or is just a nice comedic relief from the day. Getting to help people that I wouldn’t ordinarily get to cross paths with and inspire change is what I love about this podcast." - Allo


"I wanted a place to embrace the things that I find unique and interesting about my friends and colleagues who have inspired me or made an impact on my life. I also have a very widespread group of peers who go about living their lives by completely different sets of morals and/or self-imposed guidelines and they don’t always see eye to eye or get along but I have found ways to embrace what makes them wonderful. And I wanted to create a platform to embrace those aspects of people without getting hung up on the intricacies of what makes us like or dislike someone we don’t understand." - Punch

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